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“Mike and I were living in Lawrenceville when we began looking for a home to buy together. We knew what we wanted - a brick house built in the early 1900s with architectural integrity intact, like trim work that had not been painted, and original windows, in an affordable, safe neighborhood.

We looked in many East End neighborhoods and then expanded our search to the Northside, which we were largely unfamiliar with.

We toured the house in Troy Hill, by recommendation of our future neighbor and Mike's coworker Patty Renwick, in the summer of 2008 and fell in love with the price, the fireplaces, the woodwork, the location and the possibility of customizing it to our needs. It takes a lot of work but we're DIYers at heart and are up to the challenge.

Mike has experience in construction and is an Environmental Engineer with the State Department of Environmental Protection, which is located on Washington's Landing (Troy Hill) and within walking distance of the house.

I have a BS in Applied Technology - Graphic Design and spent some years working in that field. Once we bought the house in Troy Hill I decided to change my path and began volunteering and working part time for the community development organization, Troy Hill Citizens. I also can walk or bike to work.

Troy Hill is within walking distance of the Allegheny Riverfront Trail, the Strip District and Downtown. We hardly ever drive except to visit friends, grocery shop and take hiking trips. We organize meetings and socials for young, like-minded people to get together and give back. We enjoy taking an active role in the community improvement process and meeting our neighbors. Our house is now 95% complete (there's always something...) and we are settled in and feeling very comfortable in Troy Hill.

Our vision for the future of this neighborhood is to see the return of many of the independent restaurants and daily needs shops to our business corridor, Lowrie Street. We welcome new people and diversity and look forward to planting more trees and adding green spaces. Having a voice and making a difference in your community will bring a sense of accomplishment and pride, try it for yourself!”

-Nicole Moga & Mike Fifth

By living in Troy Hill and walking to work, Nicole and Mike save $7,965 per year compared to the average Downtown commuter living in Cranberry. Not to mention the extra 10,000 minutes they gain each year by not sitting in traffic.

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