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Mount Washington News 9/27/2011  Walkabout: Emerald View Park, a jewel of a trail, helps outdoor lovers be high over the city
4/20/2011  Light-rail seen as path to retail
3/7/2011  Mt. Washington 'Eyesore' Demolition Begins; New Building To RiseDemolition Of Old Edge Restaurant Will Make Way For Condos
12/1/2010  Emerald View Park acquires 11 new acres overlooking the West End
11/29/2010  Mount Washington park continues expansionEmerald View will soon encompass about 257 acres
11/26/2010  Holiday feast given with measure of love
11/23/2010  Volunteer join in to make sure no one goes hungry on Thanksgiving Day
10/4/2010  On Mount Washington, trash becomes artistic treasure
4/22/2010  Group Hopes Devices Improve on a Grand View
9/28/2009  Rejuvenated Grandview Park hailed as a jewel in the city 40-acre Mount Washington site is gateway to new park
9/27/2009  48 Hours in Pittsburgh
9/22/2009  100th birthday party planned to celebrate Grandview Park
8/19/2009  The Best Yet Guide to Mt. Washington
10/3/2007  Neighborhood in Mt. Washington cited as One of Nation's Top 10
1/10/2007  The Best View In Town

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