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Central Northside News 1/31/2012  More businesses, residences added to North Side renewal
1/28/2012  Nakama sushi bar to anchor blighted North Side block
12/23/2011  Cultural center zoning approved for Central Northside
12/11/2011  Neighborhood developers try to lure potential residents
11/11/2011  Garden Theater block ready to start
5/14/2011  Mattress Factory
5/13/2011  URA to negotiate with developer about North Side properties
3/15/2011  North Side groups start receiving community funds from casino
10/22/2010  Co-op pitched for North Side
7/20/2010  Developers outline plans for Pittsburgh's Garden Theater area
7/14/2010  URA moves on Hill YMCA, North Side, Larimer projects
6/15/2010  Redevelopment of Garden Theater moving forward
4/10/2010  Sweat Equity Revives Penn Brewery in North Side
4/9/2010  Developers Bid for North Side Work
2/24/2010  PPND invests more than $1.3M in Pittsburgh city neighborhoods for 2010
11/5/2009  Sculpture of Fred Rogers unveiled on North Side
9/30/2009  Slice of mixed-income housing offers further hope to North Side
9/11/2009  Pittsburgh House Tours Aim to Strike Right Note
8/26/2009  Walk this Way: Pittsburgh's Walkable Neighborhoods
6/19/2009  True Northside
3/25/2009  New Girl In Town: On The Mexican War Streets
8/16/2006  Small Biz Fuels the Northside

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